Mentorship Program

Our Mission is to help males (teenagers and adults) discover and grow into their original purpose as the foundation of family. Our Vision is to create a highly effective environment and network where men are trained and developed to lead.

In 2016, I believe that America has gone as far as it can go depending upon the finite wisdom of man to lead us. While many good things have been accomplished in the last few decades, we have also witnessed the absolute destruction to the black nuclear family; and the longer we continue to follow the policies of secular-minded politicians and bureaucrats, the further away from God we will go as a society. More political policies, more social programs, and more Government intervention won’t solve the problems that exist. We need help from the One who made Heaven and Earth.

On the other side of the ledger, we have the Church, the institution that is supposed to be the eyes, the ears, and the mouthpiece of God on the Earth. However, most major cities in the country have hundreds of churches on street corners throughout the black community and many of the metrics that tracks our community progress continues to look bleak. Where are the answers to life’s questions that people seek? Where is the provision? Where are the opportunities? Why are the preachers usually the main people who prosper in any given church, while many in the congregation still suffer?

The TCI mentorship group has identified that the main problem in our community is a problem that only we can fix. Jobs are needed, skills and training are needed, education, housing, and safe streets are needed. But man training is the key and it will equip current fathers and future fathers to be the leaders they were called to be. Men are visual creatures and we react to and we emulate what we see. Young men who didn’t grow up seeing manhood and a king (not dictator) of the home being modeled, then there’s no way to expect the young men to know how to conduct themselves. Some form of leadership is naturally in us, but we must be shown how to manifest what is on the inside of us.

TCI is not your typical church group or Government program, and we are not here to babysit peoples’ kids. We take an active interest in boys and men and give them a safe, non-judgmental and non-threatening environment where they can share their personal concerns. We help boys and men to process their feelings and we give them a road map to accomplish their God-given goals, dreams, and desires that are on their hearts and minds.

Often times, we don’t understand people because we don’t listen to them with objectivity. TCI is here to make a huge impact in our society, because we are here to help restore and rescue the foundation of our communities, and families: the men. Once our men are standing and functioning in their rightful place, our families and communities will flourish like never before.

Join TCI and help us to restore the family and make it whole according to God’s standard.